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In the following page there is a simple demonstration of art, completely free, demonstarting different techniques, tendencies, styles and themes; better to say a form of experimentation, leaving in complete freedom all of those interested in art, to appreciate or evaluate personally, whichever or all of the collection.....

These are examples which reflect thoughts, dreams and abstract moments which pass during everyday life.

"I have advised all that come to me, in their anguish and despair, to return to art and to leave behind the invisible forces which operate in all of us. Every child is an artist that dances, sings, paints his or her story and builds castles. The great artists are strange people who have managed to preserve in the foundation of their souls this candid sacredness of the child and of those men whom we call primitives, and because of this they are often laughed at by the ignorant ones. Art is a gift which repairs the soul from the errors and mistakes of life. It feeds us so that we may fulfill the utopia to which we are destined."
  Ernesto Sabato.  (La resistencia).
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