Friends tourists, we offer two comfortable cabins for vacation in the main tourist area of the state, at an altitude of 2,983 m and average temperature of 12 º C. They are located very close to the Stone Chapel, the Astronomical Observatory, Eagle Peak, the Black Lagoon, San Rafael de Mucuchies (highest town in Venezuela) and relatively Theme Park Los Aleros. (More or less half an hour). Until the city of Merida, about hour and a quarter, from there you can visit comfortably Mountain de Los Suenos, La Venezuela de Antier, the highest and longest cable car in the world, the Zoo The chorros de Milla, El Museo Science and Technology and other great tourist sites.

The cabins are fully equipped for 6 people: kitchen, linen, wood furniture, hot water, fireplace, TV cable, barbecue area and private parking. If you wish, prepare your meals.

Discount in off season ...

The payment of the total time of the stay is required; In addition, the client must pay what corresponds to one day of accommodation as security deposit  to cover possible damages; If everything is in
Perfect conditions will refund the money.

Current Account: No. 01080114140100034948  Provincial Bank  to the name Avendano Marvella

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Mucuchíes, Sector La Toma
(cruce frente al expendio de medicinas La Toma), Urbanización Flores Del Páramo. Estado Mérida
0416-5027977 / 0424-7606995 / 0412-4276875