Colonial Guest House Canta La Rana

Chiguará, Estado Mérida. Venezuela RIF J-40267968-8

The Posada Canta La Rana in Chiguará, operates in a large authentic colonial house more than 100 years, with wide corridors and beautiful panoramic views, promoting family meeting, in an exclusive environment of Andean hospitality. Canta La rana is ideal for those tourists who visit two of the most important tourist attractions of Mérida State property, such as "The Mountain of Dreams" and "Vegasol". Chiguará is located only 45 km from the city of Merida, via El Vigia by excellent roads, and is very convenient for those who want to know the south of Mérida State, including the towns of Mesa Bolivar Tovar and tourist area Bailadores coffee tradition.
It has 10 spacious rooms (double, triple, quadruple, sextuple and suite), located in a horseshoe around the pool, for a maximum capacity of 34 people. The privileged climate is temperate Chiguará; each room has a private bathroom; It is naturally lit and ventilated and water for showering is at room temperature.
CantaLa Rana, has a privileged location in the central town of Chiguará. At the inn you will enjoy a family atmosphere, mineral pool, private parking, indoor gardens and colorful birds that visit, Wi-Fi, point of sales, tourist information and personalized attention.
Bolivar Square and the beautiful church San Antonio de Padua, are just a block away. In the vicinity there are restaurant, hairdresser, outpatient, selling crafts and wineries.
No pets allowed.

Rates valid from Septiembre del 2017
Subject to change without notice.



1 Matrimonial No. 1 (2 pax)


1 Matrimonial No. 2(2 pax)


1 Matrimonial Suite No. 3 (2 pax)


1 Múltiple No. 4 (3-4 pax)


1 Múltiple No. 7 (3-5 pax)


1 Múltiple Plus No. 8-9 (4-6 pax)


*External Bath Room
To confirm your reservation after checking availability with us, you must make a deposit with the following information:
Banco Bicentenario. No current account: 0175-0040-6100-7224-4951
Title: Posada Colonial La Canta Rana CA
Correo electrónico: posadacolonialcantalaranaca@gmail.com
RIF: J - 40267968-8. Please send for fax or e-mail the deposit copy.

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Calle Comercio No. 5-25. (diagonal al Ambulatorio).
Chiguará, Estado Mérida. Venezuela
Reservaciones: 0416-7266579

Posada: 0275 - 836.10.58
Oficina Mérida: 0274 - 266-0163

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