We have to rent my cottage annex style, with completely independent entrance,  and groove ceiling, rustic finish. It is located on the second floor. It is 20 minutes from the city of Merida, 1 km from the town of Tabay, in full route to the Highlands. Capacity to five persons. It has a bedroom and an attic for three people. It is fully equipped. There T.V. cable in the master bedroom and another T.V. small in the attic. Kitchen, refrigerator, blender and utensils. Hot water, parking. Hosted by its owners.

We have special offers for couples.

The cottage is close to several tourist sites in which visitors can enjoy their stay in Merida:
Tabay-Hot Springs (5 minutes).
"The Eaves (10 minutes).

To  more  information, please visit:

Carretera Trasandina, San Rafael de Tabay, Sector El


Carretera Trasandina, San Rafael de Tabay, Sector El Rosal.
Estado Mérida

Telf. 0426 8164721 / 0426 6020050

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