It is a peaceful and pleasant place where you can relax and escape the hustle of the city. Although the inn is located near the central plaza and church, is very quiet and not hear any noise. The nights are cold, with deep blacks and velvety; morning with a fresh sky blue and sometimes cloudy. Highly recommended for small and / or numerous families which offers the ambience of a colonial house and wide corridors internal garden, attended by its owners.
It has a large kitchen, simply equipped to prepare custom dishes, also has wide corridors with tables where you can have breakfast in comfort, the rooms are spacious and comfortable. The overall atmosphere is cozy and invites the family break.
Located an hour and a half from the city of Merida.
4 bedrooms. Accommodation for 2-17 people.
5 beds, bunk beds and 4 single beds.
3 shared bathrooms with hot water.
Fully equipped kitchen and spacious dining room.
Cable TV. Parking and entrance closed for 4
Tourist transport service by jeep.
(not included in the cost of the inn)
Prices on request. Cancellation cash.
Temperatures average 12 to 14 degrees C.

PLACES TO ENJOY AND ALWAYS TO REMEMBER  IN MUCUCHÍES  Gavidia y Piñango… Tipics towns;  Laguna de Mucubají, Capilla de Piedra del artista  “Juan Félix Sánchez”, El Astrofísico en Llano del Hato, Parque temático “Los Aleros”.



To reservations:
0416- 6023843 / 0416-5613421 / 04140204863 / 0414-0366355

How to arrive
: coming from Mérida City:
 Vía el Páramo, carretera Trasandina, Mucuchíes.Calle Bolívar a pocos
 de la Plaza Bolívar.

VComing from Barinas way:
Vía el Páramo, carretera Trasandina, hora y media antes de llegar a Mérida, Mucuchíes. Calle Bolívar a pocos metros de la Plaza Bolívar. (Ver aviso Posada)



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