CASITA “EL CARRIZAL”, Turísmo Rural. 

If you have a family car, we offer a different alternative visit to the Venezuelan Andes, on the outskirts of the nice town of Tovar, just 3 km. from.
The little house El Carrizal, is located in the farming village of the same name, at 1,400 meters, with an average temperature of 23 degrees C. It has two bedrooms (up to 6 people), kitchen, dining room, bathroom, hot water, Cable TV, telephone coverage and fenced parking  lot for up to 6 cars.
The place is ideal for families looking for a rural, natural, safe and secure space for recreation. It is surrounded by trees and a family environment and cordial, it is the ideal space for a relaxing stay. From there you can easily take walks, cycling routes and visits to Tovar (5 min. by car), also can visit Bailadores, the paramo of the Batallon, Paramo Mariño, Zea, Merida, as well as the charming towns of South Guaraque, Rio Negro and Mesa de Quintero.
Tovar has been the cradle of great artists, intellectuals and athletes, as the pitcher Johan Santana.
Cost to be agreed. : 2:00 pm. Out: 11:00 am
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waching this video in the second 40 you can see briefly the  CarrizalVillage.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp6DIPmzUdI  http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tovar
 Parroquia San Francisco:

"It's an urban and rural entity, while it is a small part of the urban area of the City of Tovar as are Tacarica, Urb. Educators and El Saman sectors, but its main settlement is the population of San Francisco , which is 10 minutes from the provincial capital. It has a population of 2,398 inhabitants for the years 2013-14. It is a purely agricultural sector where different food items (which gives its agricultural character), although his main and most important product is the typical "Chimó" are grown. It also includes the villages of La Puerta and El Carrizal "

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Aldea El Carrizal, vía San Francisco, a 50 metros de la escuela.
Tovar, municipio Tovar Edo. Mérida.







Contacto en Mérida: Diana Albornoz. Telef: 0424-7729979.



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