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Among the mountains of Merida, comes a plateau called El Rosal and his splendid top you find a place full of light ideal for your relaxation and enjoyment of your family. CABINS THE CASTLE, a place where you will find a warm attention, moreover, its comfortable facilities will make your holiday unforgettable.
The resort has 5 cabins fully equipped for 2, 5, 8, 12 and 20 people.
● All cabins have T.V. Direc tv with
● Hot water
● Grills  area
● Contact for transportation to tourist sites of your choice
(additional costs)
● Laundry (additional costs)
● Camping with hair dryer, iron and ironing
● Swings
● homeless parking for 12 vehicles
● Water Filtration
● Service Massage: relaxing, circulatory, mon tui na, reflexology,
   (additional costs)
● wi fi zone
● public areas: pool table, ping pong and dominoes


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Para reservaciones deposite en:
Cuenta Corriente Banco de Venezuela Nº 01020102120000013835
a nombre de Elena Martínez
Cuenta Corriente Banco Banesco Nº 01340244242441032890
   a nombre del Ridder Fuenmayor

Ubicación: Mérida,  San Rafael de Tabay, sector  El Rosal Alto, calle Rosal Alto, CABAÑAS EL CASTILLO. Estado Mérida. Venezuela



0426-5742271 //  0412-2695781 // 0274-6587268


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