A little over an hour from the city of Merida in the Andean paramo find this comfortable inn, located at 3,245 m Is distributed in 5 rooms for 4 to 6 people, each with private bath. Common kitchen and dining room. The total capacity is 22 people.
The rooms have T.V. cable and hot water. Ample parking.
Is very close to the quintessential tourist sites, such as the Pico del Collado del Condor, Stone Church, Parque Luz Caraballo, Lake Mucubají, the Observatory, and so on. Special rates for entire groups. Make your reservations early
For more information contact the following numbers:
(0274)789.13.72 / 0426-1149865/ 0412-4266692.
For reservation deposit 50% of total:
Bank Current Account No. 01750040610000053839 Bicentennial name of Jose Gregorio Colls.
South Bank Current Account No. 01570089165089100035 in the name of Jose Nido del Condor Colls.

Carretera Trasandina, Apartaderos, sector Matica de Rosa,
Estado Mérida. Venezuela. 



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