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El ALOJAMIENTO CAMPESTRE EL VALLE comes from the idea to please the weary traveler and everyone who wants to rest or vacation. We propose a different hotel concept, offering quality and rural setting, with warmth. It will be his country house at leisure and at any time, set in a mountain environment, with decent cold of the Andes, together with its dense fogs. We offer our services every day.
In this area, for its geographical position will be privileged to see the different snow at time of visit and choose some at no cost.
You also have the opportunity to interact with the everyday life of peasant crops and milking, among others, where the delicious blackberry Artisan Wine will be your host.
El Atico: 2215 m height., Sleeps 2-5 people, Direc TV, 1 double, 1 attic (bed for 1 person), a double bed in the living room, 1 bathroom, hot water, kitchen, small dining room , barbecue, several parking spaces, green areas. It offers breakfast and dinner on request.
El Balcon Del Sol: Height 2216 m., 2 bedrooms Up to 8 people, national TV, 2 beds, 1 single bed, 1 bunk, 1 bathroom, hot water, kitchen, dining room, grill, 3 parking spaces, green areas.
La Montalbeña: Height 2250 m. Located at the foot of mountain, 3-5 bedrooms, sleeps 10-14 people, DirecTV, 2-4 beds, 3 bunk beds, 2-4 baths, hot water, kitchen, living room, porch, barbecue, various stalls parking, parks, rivers and nearby truchiculturas.
Mi Cabañita: Height 2143 m. Located near the foot of mountain trout farming, 3 bedrooms, sleeps 8 people, DirecTV,, 2 beds, 1 double attic, 1 bunk, 2 bathrooms, hot water, fireplace, kitchen, living room, porch, barbecue, 3 parking spaces, green areas.
View Gold: 2138 m height. 3 rooms 7 people capacity, DirecTV, 2 beds, 1 litera1 individual, 1 bathroom, hot water, kitchen, dining room, grill, 3 parking spaces, green areas.

Vista Dorada: 2138 m height. 3 bedrooms Sleeps 7 people, DirecTV, 2 double beds, 1 individual litera1, 1 bathroom, hot water, kitchen, living room, barbecue, 3 parking spaces, green areas.
Cabain El Refugio de los Angeles:
Total capacity for 25 cabins in a pax.2, 6 and 7 people respectively plus 1 cabin for 12 guests inside so:
Cabin - A (. 6 pers) 1 bed. With 1 bed mat. 1 bed. With 2 bunk beds 1 bath-water warm.
Shack. - B (. 7 pers) 1 bed. With 1 bed mat. 1 bed. With 2 bunk beds + 1 single 2 bathrooms base-hot water.
Shack. - C (. 12 people) 1 bed. With 1 Queen + plasma c / DirevTV + 1 bath-water warm bed.
2 bed. C / U triliteral With 1-bed + 1 double mattress. and one with plasma-DirecTV.
Kitchen with granite c + plasma / DirecTV and executives living off-reclining furniture. 1 common hot-water bath.
General Notes ... All cottages are fully equipped for cooking, have, green areas, barbecue, parking for several positions.

Cabana Sol y Luna:
Sleeps 6 people, 1 bed. With 1 bed mat., TV with DirecTV, + 1 bath-water warm.
1 bed. With 1 single bed. 1 bed. With 1 trililitera, 1 common bathroom, hot water, room-kitchen-dining room fully equipped for cooking + porch with fireplace-barbecue. Several parking stalls.

For reservations: Deposit to:

RIF. V- 09476655-5
VENEZUELA 0102- 0859- 990000016971
MERCANTIL 0105- 0065- 69- 1065312539
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Ubicado en el estado Mérida, a 8 min. de la ciudad, en El Valle, vía Páramo La Culata, en el Sector las Cuadras, parcela No. 15 Estado Mérida.
(+58) 0414-9787855 / 274-8087027 /0424-8389477



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