El Valle de La Neblina  


Comfortable holiday cottages in a magical valley of the Andes, and 20 minutes from the city of Merida. Cabins and fully equipped suites: Dining room with fireplace, kitchen, porch, balcony, bathrooms with hot water, TV cable, heating, parking, surrounded by beautiful gardens. El Valle de La Neblina, nestled in a lovely spot, 14 km from Merida, with its spectacular scenery and pleasant climate that immediately captivate the visitor.
We havea  personalized attention for you "Tourism host" characterizes El Valle de La Neblina - Cabins. The sector has many possibilities to dining and entertainment area.

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Vía Mérida - La Culata Km. 14

  Sector Bella Vista, Mérida – Venezuela


      Telfs..:0414 7593434 / 0274 - 4174422
0414 2719800/0412 5467003
Oficina Caracas: 0212 3244205


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