Guest House

(In the city center, 3 blocks from the Plaza of Heroines
and the Cable Car)


Welcome friend tourist. If you are looking for a clean and convenient, look no further, we have the perfect place for your style. Stay at the Inn Philadelphia where you can enjoy a deserved rest with the best view, unsurpassed attention and comfort you've been waiting ...

We are here to serve.


Comfortable rooms with hot water, mountain views and TV Cable, kitchen area, recreational areas, Pool table, sitting area: beds, furniture and bar, parking and optional laundry service
Organize their trips and transfers optional.

Avenida 5, Calle 31, Sunday Paseo de la Calle Pena Final Fire ULA.
Mérida., Mérida, Venezuela

0274-2510740 Celular: 0414-7464455.   Spanish

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