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    Note: When we first did this listing, back in the last half of 99, it was an attempt to encourage cyber cafe´s in Merida.  This listing is all the cyber cafe´s that were in operation at the time. Currently, there are about 85 in and around our city.  They spring up, move, and close down quicker than we can keep track of them, and so there is no longer aneed for promotion as they are in every neighborhood around.  The current problem for them, ismaking money.  They charge as little as 80 cents an hour and the costs to the local telephone company are among the highest in the hemosphere.  But it is the trend to be on the internet, to chat, e-mail, etc., and in a university town, there is no lack for customers-only a lack of profits!     
    MERIDA (274) 

    Bodeganet-Internet & E-Mail 
    Av. 6 Esquina Calle 25

    252 6007 

    Cafe Internet La Abadia-Restaurante
    Av. 3 entre calles 17 y 18
    251 0555

    PH CYBER CAFE      
    C. C. Las Tapias, Piso 1  Local 31
    266 1904