"Bailadores Country Club
Farm and Spa Resort"

In construction is a singular Mountain Resort, designed not only for vacationing tourists, but also for persons who wish to live permanently in a panoramic paradise, a visiting couple who di not appear to be from Venezuela said that here there is no insecurity, the climate is fresh as typical of the mountains, pure air, spring water and tranquility. Even the ecotourists can observe the grand variety of birds native to the area and the coffee and banana plantations; in short, an environment healthy for a family to relax and in an area with high moral values.

Bailadores is a small but beautiful town, well situated being only 70 kilometers from the city of Merida and 50 kilometers from El Vigia, with airports in both cities. Bailadores with its uncomparable panoramas of unequalled beauty, where the La Cascada India Caru and its three majestic waterfalls, is a traditional example of agriculture venezuelan and the prototype of the countryside lifestyle with many tourist and natural attractions to visit.
We have WI-FI- Internet.

You could be:
Partner (timeshare): With  1, 2 or more weeks yearly of vacation timeshared.
INVESTOR: We accept partner investors for development at the Resort.

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