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We offers 4 beautiful houses cottages at the top of  La Loma de Los suspiros, fully equipped, 20 minutes from the city of Merida, ideal for vacations, where the enjoyment, peace, comfort and panoramic views over the capital city at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains and across from El Escorial moor, will make your stay an unforgettable experience.
Full facilities T.V. satellite, WiFi, hot water, potable water storage, barbecue, private access, parking for 10 vehicles and private security. Meals, room service and tour guide with transfers (on request). Accommodation capacity: 35 people.

Specific information:
Chianti Cottage: double and two singles. (1 sofa bed) 4 per.
Tempranillo cabin: double plus nine individual. (2 additional sofa bed) 13 people.
Malbec Cottage: double plus five singles. (2 extra sofa beds) 7 people.
Merlot Cottage: two plus five double beds. (4 additional sofa bed) 11 people.
Cabin Cabernet: 2 matrimoniales more one individual. 5 people.

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Ubicación: Tabay-Mérida, Estado Mérida, Venezuela
Desde Tabay en dirección a La Joya, hasta la Loma
de Los Suspiros.
Tabay, Estado Mérida, Venezuela, cercana a la
ciudad de Mérida.
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