Luna Llena


Unless you have chosen your site for vacation, Full Moon offers the ideal alternative.

We rent 2 cottages fully equipped for up to 8 persons, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double bed, singles beds too, hot water, equipped kitchen, Direct TV and private parking. Outside of the the cabins have a multiple stove, used for roasting, baking, cooking and smoking. Also enjoy a natural environment with safe, green areas, excellent mountain climate, peace and comfort.

The huts are strategically located, allowing visitors to be in a short time in various places of tourist interest, and only 15 minutes from the city.         

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0414 - 7472070 // 0414 1791550 / / 0414 - 0811993

El Arenal, vía La Joya, sector El Paramíto.

Calle Miranda N° 1-67

 Las Coordenadas This place:

 N 8.60430 W 71.11690 /