Cabaña Miscaban


 Only 60 minutes from the heart of Mérida city, ,just 5 minutes of Mucuchíes in an expectacular place called Misitá (A cold place in the mountains), is a beautiful  cabin with capacity to 6 persons. This comfortable cabin has a matrimonial bed, a bunk bed, and a couch  for two persons, heating in the room, a bath, a kitchen, hot water, freezer, parking, cable tv, etc.

In this place you could enjoy of a wonderful
panoramic view.This cabin has an estrategic location
, because the lagoons, the Cóndore´s refuge (Mifafí), The astronomy observatory, "Aleros" Town, and the most high towns of Venezuela (Apartaderos, San Rafael of Mucuchíes), are located only a few minutes of our Cabin.

Bs 390 for a day.

Cabaña Miscaban
Carretera trasandina, Mucuchíes Misintá,  100  meters up of the church
Tel:0274 - 872-0565
Cel: 0416-073-1023

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