Posada Nayderman




 Posada  Nayderman it is located in the best sector of the Vallecito, a precious zone in the middle of the nature, to little minutes of the Mérida city. A zone of extraordinary beauty in itself and all of its environs, closely together of mountains. 
This place of Agroturismo with 19 multifamiliar rooms, bath, hot water. It will be able to enjoy a fresh and calm landscape, to walk and to visit the environs
 This lodging has a place common to see TV by cable, that it is outside in the bedrooms. Also we counted on a small kitchen outside and near the rooms, where it will be able to warm up food or to make coffee in the mornings. It is a lot of construction is a building. A nother of land has an  big extension  is dedicated to hidroponía.
The agroturism finished Stay is 85% and the Hidropónicos Cultures are 100% in production.

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El Vallecito,  Mérida, Frente al parque del Inos,
atrás de la Vaquera
(0274) 416-0531  /   Cel: 0414-7463498
0414 - 9725416 / 0412 - 25499332
Cesar Sleiman Daabal