Guest House Papá Miguel             
Posada Papá Miguel                          
En la Mesa de los Indios, Ejido, Estado Mérida, Venezuela.                          
A 19th century coffee house                      
Is converted into Tourist Inn in 1989.                    

RTN 03797                             




Few old houses, converted into inns have as much charm as the Andean colonial typology, poetic, spellbound by the magic of the mountains. It is an inn distributed in several bodies, it conserves the original brick floors and the old mud roof tiles, its internal courtyard with its corridor full of history and tradition.
The area of ​​the rooms raised with stone; The walls shelter a patio that once was for the drying of the coffee and which today is used for bonfire nights and guarapita, with the company of the musicians of the town of La Mesa.
El Bohío de Papa Miguel, place of pleasant dinners in the light of the candelabras, gatherings or simply to taste a rich Andean breakfast, with a panoramic view of the cane-fields of the town.
The main room of the inn with its walls of bahareque, occupies the oldest area of ​​the house. It dates from the end of the 19th century. An ideal space for rest or reading. The roofs keep the viguerías, the carruzo, its roof of tile, original floor of brick.
The inn has a restaurant open for breakfast and dinner for its guests, offers a menu based on selected products and inspired by traditional Andean cuisine, elaborated in a very simple way, where the trout, the Andean blink, the arepa Of wheat, smoked cheese and a rich homemade dessert.
The personal touch in the inn puts the color and freshness of its ferns; Its attractive walls that serve as planters and a decoration of contrast that can be seen with the naked eye.
The taste for details is one of the constants of this inn, where there are plenty of fresh flowers and nooks to enjoy a coffee or an Andean punch.
Furniture of family heritage, brick floors, stone walls, soft plaster and a homemade aroma in the tranquility of an Andean village, make up the atmosphere of this inn.
María Arminda emphasizes that most of her guests choose it as an ideal place to relax, to enjoy a typical evening or a surprise serenade, a night of retreta (Saturdays) in the town of La Mesa. For those who prefer to combine rest with action, activities such as trekking, mountain biking, paragliding, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking to the nearby rivers and visiting artisans in the area are handled. For the season of July, August and September we have special prices for family, sports and work groups.

Please make you payment to:
Savings Account of the Provincial Bank Nº 01080341110200148880
On behalf of María Arminda Mercado.





La Mesa de Los Indios, calle Piñango Nº 1 Ejido. Estado Mérida, Venezuela.
Teléfonos: 02742053355/ 04161345283 / 04147479953 




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