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Mérida Venezuela
Rif.: J – 31183715 – 9
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At the foot of the Sierra Nevada, in Merida, located in the beautiful valley of the Rio Chama, near Ejido, we are located "Posada La Cruz".

Yours sincerely welcome to the "Posada La Cruz," celebrated with us those days of joy, share our gathering and notice every detail on windows and soberaos in solar orchard. Sleep early the tradition and stand with the singing of the first rooster. At that time, like all times, we are waiting for moments you share with us will not live anywhere in the country.

is equipped to comfortably accommodate up to twelve (12) persons.
- Three (3) couple bedrooms an extra bed
- A (01) room with bunk bed for two people.
- A (01) sofa bed.
- Living room.
- Three (3) bathrooms with plenty of hot water.
- El Trapiche run by its owner.

Other Services:
Kitchen, fridge, barbecue, Cable.T.V .wines, sangria family, private parking, ground transportation. Taxi: 0274-221.44.91. Room service 24 hours.

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 Posada La Cruz Esta are located very close to:
Complejo Deportivo Cinco Aguilas Blancas 

  Also are located close  Theme Parks:
La Venezuela de Antier                     La Montaña de Los

Neighbor to cane crushing Trapiche, where today is forged sweet honey to make it panela cane. Surrounded by majestic cane fields with vegetation, opens its doors to friends who visit us to share, from that point, the birth of the Sierra Sun golden light which penetrates into the early hours of this cozy place.

Station Trolebus Pozo Hondo

Map to arrive to the gest house.


Posada La Cruz with the purpose of promoting knowledge
It has Wi-Fi Zone. Internet access.


Av. Centenario con calle Carabobo, sector Pozo Hondo Nº.43.información y reservaciones. telfs. 0414-3500560 y 0426-4359436. Estado Mérida – Venezuela

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