Located 25 minutes from the city of Merida, Venezuela , lies between magic mountains "Paradise Meadow Farm & Cabins" ; ultimate resting place with spring weather all year round, where they can live directly with nature . Enjoy endless dream crossings and roads , spectacular views and make your stay an unforgettable experience .
Paradise Meadow offers fully equipped cabins for 300 people with capacities from 4-14 visitors, plus a dining terrace type whose specialty is succulent typical Andean food . The complex also has refrigerators in the rooms and cabins , TV Cable , multipurpose court , Boccia court , grills and service spa with heated pool. Do not think twice and decide to go with us as the happiest days of his life.
We have 17 cabins and 17 rooms.

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Aldea Mucunután, Tabay, Estado Mérida. Venezuela.
For more information and application availability and prices , please contact the following Phone numbers:
0414-7440572 / 0424-7039363 / 0274-2663169 / 0414-7106191




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