Welcome to the Quinta El Carmen, where we offer comfortable and cozy homes for the enjoyment of his family, which are located within a closed circuit at a distance of approximately 6 km from the city of Merida. The route is easily accessible and can be reached via the road linking the Trans-Andean city of Merida Tabay population, via El Paramo. The houses can accommodate 12 to 14 people, guarantee the supply of furniture and linens (sheets, blankets and towels), hot water and cable TV. Adjacent to these, there is a social area, which consists of two (2) rooms with capacity for 60 people, equipped for social events and / or business. The homes and social areas, are protected by stone walls fitted with electric fencing and automatic gate perimeter to ensure their personal safety and vehicle. Furthermore, it has green areas and ample parking. Our goal is to ensure comfort and security, the prices are very supportive and offer attractive discounts based on length of stay and the number of people.

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El Arenal - La Vega de San Antonio, vía principal esquina con calle San Miguel, Nº
0-24. Parroquia Arias, Municipio Libertador,  Mérida  - Venezuela
tions:  0416 - 6746905 /0416 - 4747992/ 0424-7072703 / 0274-4158896





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