Salvia Real

A beautiful place to visit.

Framed by the spectacular mountains of the Andes, in the area of the moor cottage Salvia is Real, located in the picturesque village of La Mucumpate, agriculture and tourism site par excellence, like all the rest of the moor area. This beautiful place prized for its mountain climate and the warmth of its people, always ready to meet visitors.
Only 1 block from the town of La Toma, in the middle of trans-Andean highway near San Rafael Mucuchíes and Mucuchíes town, is the best place to rest, relax, and leave aside the stress of the city.
We have capacity for 6 people. Our services have hot water, TV, 2 double beds, 1 bunk, fireplace, lingerie, secure garage, 1 bathroom, and kitchen utensils.


Mucuchíes, Sector La Toma (cruce frente al expendio de medicinas La Toma), Urbanización Flores Del Páramo. Estado Mérida. 
Reservaciones: 0424-743-25-47/ 0274-872-0547 Sr. Joel

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