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Venezuelaventura C.A is a dedicated company to present national and foreign tourists the beauties our geography, through the sports of adventure and the ecological tourism of low impact; we took to our clients to enjoy and to be in contact with the nature, always taking into account the respect and care by the natural ecosystems.
Periodically we organized events of extreme sports, in where we support to athletes who are generally part of our work crew.

Activities: Horseback riding, trekking, climbing, mountain bike, paragliding flights, boats trips, canyoning, rafting, kayaking, and wildlife tours.  Destinies: Sierra Nevada and Sierra de la Culata National Park. Bolivar, Humboldt, Pan de Azucar Peaks. Los Nevados, Paramos, and lakes of Mérida: Mucubaji, la Negra. Rain Forest in Altamira, Calderas, and Barinitas. Acequias and Santo Domingo Rivers. Los Llanos de Barinas and Apure State.  Autana. Angel fall. Roraima. Los Roques.


 Transfers in all the Western zone of the Country. 

VT.2763 RTN 07766 Rif. J- 31578980-9




VENEZUELAVENTURA C.A. J-31578980-9 V.T. 2763 RTN.07766
Calle 24 N° 8-185 Plaza Las Heroínas, Mérida Venezuela.
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“Vive la aventura, conoce  Venezuela a  lo Natural”



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