The Xinia and Peter's guest house is one of the most exquisite and welcoming in the mountains of Merida. Located in a corner surrounded by trees and green hills, itoffers the visitor extraordinary moments of relaxation.
Xinia and Peter are a loving couple, who always like to share their family hospitality and a taste for delicious delicacies prepared with great affection in the home dining room.

They offer fabulous food with a delicious  tasting menu with five different dishes with meat, poultry and fish delicate dressings and contours of plants and vegetables in several international and Creole styles, with delicate gold brooch and rich desserts.



On special occasions, Peter, who likes to play the harmonica brightens dinners interpreting classic romantic songs of all time.
In the space of huts, gardens and living rooms one can enjoy the permanent exhibition of works of art and handicrafts produced by creators of Merida and elsewhere in the country.
To enjoy this simple and in turn fascinating experience You must make reservations  by their phones(0058) 0 274 2830214 ó 0416 8747698  desea informacion  detallada? consulte nuestra página web




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