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We offer a comfortable cabin for vacation in a great tourist area, at an altitude of 2,983 m and average temperature of 12 º C. It is located near San Ignacio del Castillo, the Stone Chapel, the Astronomical Observatory, Eagle Peak, Mucubají Lagoon, San Rafael de Mucuchíes (highest village in Venezuela) and Theme Park Eaves. (about half an hour). Until the city of Merida, about hour and a quarter, from there you can visit comfortably Mountain of Dreams, before yesterday's Venezuela, the highest and longest cable car in the world, the Zoo The Jets Mile, El Museo Science and Technology and other great tourist sites.
The cottage is fully equipped for 6 persons: kitchen, linen, wood furniture, hot water, fireplace, TV Cable, Internet point, barbecue and private parking.
We offer horseback riding and tour guide for any part of the state.

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For reservations deposit 50% of the total amount:
Savings Account No. 01080114110200103718
Current Account No. 01080114110100051915
Provincial Bank to name Maritza del Carmen León

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Mucuchíes, Sector La Toma (crossing against the dispensing
drug taking), Urbanization Flowers Páramo.
Mérida State.
Telfs.:0414-7138233 / 0416-5796456 / (0274)8721063

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