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Mis Nonitos
A place that will make you live the lifestyle of the fifties.
Special to Family

A memory to tell to others.

Welcome to My Nonitos Posada. We are located in the beautiful valley Misintá Plain, about 10 minutes from the traditional village of Mucuchíes. Our Posada was witnessed more than one hundred years of events that are reflected in the history of our wilderness and its most emblematic party " SAN PALERMO SAN BENITO", the walls keep the dreams that inspired the first steward of this festivity, celebration that continued for more than four generations, here in this house lived Mr. Dionicio Zerpa, our great great grandfather, who had the vision and brought electricity to Mucuchíes, changing the history of our people. Between myths and legends built history of this peculiar character as have wept in the womb of his mother, which ultimately led to prophetic visions.

Here we strive to keep every detail of the time treasuring the house in as natural a state as possible, but trying to make our visitors feel comfortable and particularly well catered for, although they still use traditional methods of milking and planting with oxen potato and garlic among other items of the region.

 His landscapes be left open-mouthed as they experienced a unique tranquility only found in the Andes of Venezuela, DARE and enter the time machine, feel the aroma of our ancestors, listen to what our grandparents spoke and ratify that old days were better.

Six comfortable and spacious rooms, TV. cable TV, comfortable furniture, kitchen, fridge, crockery pots, utensils, blender, coffee maker. Linen (sheets and blankets), hot water. Heating and Parking.

Each room has a story to tell us.
. Ease of access for all types of vehicle.
We also have to book, ideal for evenings spacious holiday or break
for your celebration.

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Descounts in low season
 We are located in el valle del Llano de Misintá,
 a unos 10 minutos del tradicional pueblo de Mucuchíes.
Podemos Buscarlo ahí mismo en el Pueblo.
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