Guest House Domi

It is a cozy property located in beautiful mountains of our Andean mountain range, in the picturesque town of Toma-Mucuchies; we offers a unique experience for families looking for an authentic Andean tradition with privacy and comfort that you could wish for. Enjoy comfortable rooms where order and safety are our priority enjoying the hospitality of the owners and a completely family environment.
We offer:
Two spacious and beautiful rooms, total capacity for 6 people with their own bathrooms and a half bath.
Request can expand capacity and / or enable another room.
It has a living room, fireplace, hot water and 4 parking Additionally you can count on our typical service breakfast and dinner.

Deposit 50% of the total price in the current account of Banco Provincial No. 0108-0067-67-0100244832 or savings account Banco Mercantil No. 0105-0674-310674-022548 both in the name of Aissa Ayala Maldonado.

To reservations, please call this numbers phone: / 0414-7009029 0416-9780488 / 0424-7350965 / 0274-2520487




Carretera Trasandina, Sector La Toma Los Muros de Tadeo
Mucuchies, estado Mérida. Venezuela.
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  Twitter: @domiposada







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