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Taking into account terms that are relatively new and unknown to many, which are Crop Hidroponics and Organoponics.
The Hidroponics, also called crops without soil, emerging as an alternative to traditional agriculture. Its main objective to eliminate or reduce the limiting factors of growth plant in the ground, using an inert carrier suspended in the air.
The Organoponics consist in the production of short-cycle plant (3 or 4 months) substrates using organic decomposition product of the mixture of organic materials with vegetative cover. Typically used in soil levels that have proved unproductive for agriculture.
It is good to clarify that these types of crops, do not apply herbicides, it is not necessary to weed control and no loss of water by evaporation boats or, as the plant takes only the amount you need.
The NAYDERMAN PROYECT, located in the Vallecito area, 15 minutes from the city of Merida, in an area of extraordinary beauty. The property covers an area of 4,000 meters. 2 of land, of which 3,500 are dedicated to crops.
The project also includes a Posada Agro tourism with 19 rooms in a building 600 meters. 2.


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Sector El Vallecito,,frente al parque, del I.N.O.S., atrás de la vaquera. Estado Mérida.

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Cesar Sleiman Daabal